• Stef Will

Silent auction now live!

I am very excited to have been contributed to a silent contemporary art auction that is taking place this week. This is being organised by the MA Fine Art students to help fund an upcoming art exhibition in East London, namely at the Safehouse in Peckham. This is an online auction, so anybody with the link (see bottom of this page) can take part. There are over 65 pieces, donated by various artists on offer.

The auction is called ‘Posted’, as it only includes works that are up to 8 x 6 inch in size – i.e. postcard size (-ish...). A silent auction is a type of auction where you don’t know the name of the artist you are bidding on until the bidding has finished. This makes the whole process fun and exciting, as a wide range of artists are taking part and you never know – you may end up with a valuable piece of original art for a tenner (if you are really lucky…). The identity of the artists will be revealed at the end of the auction.

This concept was new to me, but it’s a known concept that has been tried and tested by prominent galleries and institutions such as the Royal Academy, who conducts their own silent auction, supported by Sotheby’s, every year with much success. The RA’s silent auction features works by leading contemporary artists alongside recent graduates, which contributes to the thrill of the event.

Anyway, we copied the concept and are holding our own silent art auction this week.

I hope you like it. To see the works in more detail and place a bid, just follow this link: