About the Artist

UK-based mixed media artist Stef Will works at the interface of art & science / art & medicine, exploring the sense of self and identity in relation to embodied human experience. Subject matters include investigations into visible versus invisible aspects of experiencing the self, such as the electromagnetic energy field surrounding the body, and the nature of consciousness in relation to the physical brain. She is also interested in the cultural narratives related to notions of self during embodiment.


Her medical background as a doctor is influencing the work, which is informed by an interdisciplinary practice, having been immersed in the two worlds of art and medicine. This creates an opportunity for cross fertilisation and developing concepts that may otherwise remain hidden.


The sense of self and identify in relation to human embodiment is often  explored using medical imaging, where the body’s boundaries are increasingly being breached by the clinical gaze. Her evocative mixed media works may integrate found medical objects such as surgical blades, syringes and medicine capsules, as well as the abject (as evident in her work with blood), as reminders of the finite nature of the physical body, inviting the viewer to look beyond Newtonian materiality, towards a new concept of reality where consciousness exists separate from our fleeting cloak.


She is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Fine Art.